Customised Curriculum Design and ​Home-Education Support: Empowering ​the Next Generation to Flourish.

“Education is compulsory, schooling is not.”

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down ​jungles but to irrigate deserts.

C.S. Lewis

What We Do

Our main goal at Crossroads is to provide ​support and empowerment to parents who ​are considering home education for their ​child. We believe that a child's well-being is ​essential to their ability to learn, which is why ​we work closely with parents to develop an ​educational plan that caters to both their ​learning and well-being needs.

Support could include:

  • advice on de-registering your child from ​school;
  • alternative and traditional qualifications;
  • resources;
  • weekly/monthly check-ins;
  • exam entries.

gavin gibson
Co founder
Kate gibson
co founder

Who we are

We are a husband and wife team with a combined teaching experience ​spanning over 35 years. We have worked in various secondary schools across ​South Wales, specialising in Science and Mathematics. Our journey has seen ​us assume diverse roles, including academic and pastoral management, ​where we have had the privilege to guide numerous students and their ​families toward success. In the words of C.S. Lewis, 'The task of the modern ​educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts.' This sentiment ​resonates deeply with our mission. The concept of Crossroads sprouted from ​conversations with family and friends about home education and the ​regulations surrounding it. Fuelled by a passion for tailored education, we ​embarked on a path to support individuals in need of a bespoke educational ​pathway that caters to their unique requirements. Our goal is to irrigate the ​deserts, providing the necessary nourishment and guidance to transform ​educational landscapes and ensure every student thrives.

Who is it for?

Home-education can be an option when a ​student:

  • does not fit within mainstream education;
  • transitions between schools, curriculum or ​countries;
  • is a professional sportsperson with training ​commitments;
  • belongs to a forces family and doesn’t want ​to change curriculum when re-located;
  • has an illness that may prevent them ​attending a school setting;
  • has a unique additional learning need that ​requires bespoke education management;
  • belongs to a family where educational ​philosophy differs to that of mainstream ​schooling.

How does it work?

We firmly believe that a personalised ​consultation is the first step towards building ​a successful educational journey. Our aim is ​to understand your child's interests and ​learning needs to ensure that they are met ​adequately.

Subsequent to this consultation, we will work ​closely together to formulate an exclusive ​educational pathway that is tailored to your ​child's specific requirements.

Throughout your child's journey, we will ​provide unwavering support and guidance ​to help them achieve their goals.

Extras we can offer

Adult ​Education

Pursue your GCSE/A level studies ​without affecting your work ​schedule. Contact us for more ​information on how to get started.

LEA Report

Provide your local LEA with a ​comprehensive report on your ​progress in home education!

Back to school ​sessions

Returning to school after a long ​absence? Let us assist you in ​getting up to speed before you go ​back. Enhancing your confidence ​and easing the transition.

Private Subject Specific Tuition

Whether you're looking for regular or ad-hoc tutoring, we can provide customised subject-​specific sessions that are designed to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more.

Exam Entry

Concerned about exam entries? ​Leave the entries and available ​exam centers to us!

Do you have any questions?

You can contact us by:

Phone or Whatsapp: 07958022007


Or request a callback by clicking this link


"After missing three months of school due to surgery and the pandemic, Tom faced significant gaps in his ​education. Gavin dedicated weekly sessions to work with Tom, even offering additional sessions before his ​exams. This extra support boosted Tom's confidence, leading to his success in smashing his GCSEs. I ​wholeheartedly recommend Gavin to anyone seeking assistance for their child." - Leah ( Tom's mum)

What can we say about Mr Gibson. He has been a great ​Physics tutor to our children. Physics and Maths are difficult ​subjects for most children. Mr Gibson, not only removed the ​fear of difficult subjects, has but guided them through the ​rough waters by being the leading light. My children love his ​methodical and kind approach that bring out the best in ​them. Our eldest daughter has just had an offer to study ​Medicine at Corpus Christi, Cambridge. We recommend him to ​anyone for home education or extra support for children who ​want to shine in their exams. Sharon and Dr Rao